Detroit Diesel Engines Commercial Marine Models —Brochure Available

The Detroit Diesel Allison Division of General Motors, Detroit, Mich., has published a full-color brochure describing their complete line of marine diesel engines for propulsion and auxiliary power.

The brochure clearly describes the broad line of Detroit Diesel models available from the Series 53 (100-173 shp) for smaller workboats; through the Series 71 (115-583 shp) for fast crewboats and fishing boat application ; and the Series 92 (230-690 shp) for compact weight-to-horsepower ratios; to the Series 149 (675-1,280 shp) for workboats, crew and cargo boats, river towboats, ocean and harbor tugs.

Also listed are options and related accessories available from Detroit Diesel dealers, as well as information on Detroit Diesel engines for shipboard auxiliary power applications, electric sets, and engines for pumps and other equipment.

For a copy of the brochure "Detroit Diesel Engines—Commercial Marine Models,"

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